Affordable, professional web design
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businesses, organizations and churches

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Affordable, professional web design for small businesses, individuals and churches.
What does your existing website, or lack of a website, say about your organization?

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FreeTime Web Design specializes in working with small to medium sized organizations that understand the importance of having a first class presence on the Internet. Through our unique and customizable service, our clients receive professionally designed websites for a truly reasonable cost.


The majority of the cost associated with developing a website derives from the "design phase," during which the appearance of the website is created. Not only is this typically the most expensive phase of web design, it's also usually the most time consuming portion of the process.

We solve this expensive problem by using website templates designed by talented graphic artists. We have access to over 6000 professionally designed website templates. As a result, the expensive and time consuming "design phase" is eliminated. Within hours you can choose a professionally designed website template which we will then customize to fit the needs of your organization.

Every website we have developed (including this one) was selected from our extensive template gallery. Our unique process allows you to have a professionally designed website completed quickly, efficiently... and most importantly... AFFORDABLY!

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Christ's Church of Fountain Hills Website

Christ's Church of Fountain Hills.
Christ's Church of Fountain Hills recently redesigned their site using one of our templates. Their site currently ranks #1 on Google for churches in Fountain Hills.
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Scottsdale Professional Web Design

Incline Properties
A vacation rental properties company specializing in luxury villas located in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, Arizona.

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Affordable, professional web design for small businesses and churches.